Umbrella Kids - "Kinder unterm Regenschirm"

This afternoon while riding the tram on my way to take photos of the Synagogue in Rykestraße, I spotted a cute couple, holding an umbrella. Instantly I jumped out (fortunately the tram had stopped anyway) to take a closer look:

Of course I wondered what this sculpture might represent, and when I arrived home I did a little research on their behalf: The sculpture is apparently a well - which I had not realized - and was built by Stefan Horota, a German sculptor in the years 1967/68. It seems, the artist wanted to erect a memorial in the honor of the children of Prenzlauer Berg (an East Berlin city district).

The materials used are bronze (sculpture) and granite (socket) and you can find the sculpture in Prenzlauer Berg (corner of Prenzlauer Allee / Danziger Straße, right opposite the tram stop [Tram 1 and 20]).

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