Festival of Lights

The night is falling and I'm gonna get out there in a few minutes and shoot some. That sounds a bit weird, but wait until you see the flamboyantly lit nightly Berlin!

Yeah, right. Now: That was so not fun! I went out there in the cold an rainy night - only to make my one reader happy (and myself of course but that doesn't really count) - and what happened? I have no idea. My Samsung refused to take other than really crappy photos. What did I do wrong? Why does it hate me so much? Have I unknowingly mistreated you, my dear friend?

I adjusted the camera settings one million times, approximately - without any other result than taking more crappy photos. Luckily there is an official Festival of Lights website! Go there, my one reader and take a look:
Festival of Lights - Berlin

Here comes the fun thing: After this, I took a few photos in the subway, and guess what? All of them pin sharp! Now you tell me why is that so!

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  1. mal längere belichtungszeit ausprobiert?
    ich glaub es is nich so leicht für kameras im dunkeln fotos von lichtsachen zu machen...