U Görlitzer Bahnhof - Berlin metro (U-Bahn) station

The U Görlitzer Bahnhof is located in Kreuzberg, a sub-district of Berlin, which offers a wide range of restaurants, pubs, bistros, bars, and all kinds of boozy nightlife a student or progressive could possibly hope for.
Inaugurated in February 1902, this rather unornamental engineering structure possesses two side platforms and a barrel-shaped roof. It was built by Siemens & Halske and belongs to Germany's first electrical overhead and underground railway system. The U1 on which this station is located, runs through Kreuzberg on to the Kurfürstendamm. The eastern part of the line is established on viaducts and is also the oldest section of the Berlin U-Bahn. The elevated construction of the metro line was possible, as it passed through poor areas. The richer residents of other quarters were able to prevent the rattling metal worm from crawling down their neighborhoods.

First known under the name of "Oranienstraße", the station was renamed "Görlitzer Bahnhof" in 1926 after the nearby railway station (demolished in the 1960s and 1970s; picture of station below). The map on the right side shows the situation of the railway station as well as the situation of the U Görlitzer Bahnhof (upper left corner).

Spreewaldplatz with Görlitzer Bahnhof (1928)

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