Indian Fountain in Kreuzberg

The foundations of this extraordinary 2.20 m high "Indian Fountain" situated in the rosarium of Luisenstädtischer Kanal, Kreuzberg, were discovered during excavations at the site in 1993.
As the statue remained missing, it was reconstructed by the sculptor Gerald Matzner following the style and material of its historic model. 

Crowned by a mysterious "bayadère", five circular levels tapered off towards the top surmount the two-tiered octogonal shaped basin.

My efforts to find an explanation for the statue's open back, protruding spine, or the noses right under her bottom have been unsuccessful so far. Who has any idea, please leave a comment!


Those were the days ...

... when even a firebox was designed as an art object.

This ancient beauty is able to fade Bellevue Palace into the background, as it seems. At least this is true as far as I am concerned.

But beware: As we read below, only the one "who can specify the location of the fire scene, is authorized to report the fire!" ;)


Spring Flowers in Tiergarten

The "Grosse Tiergarten", located in Berlin's center is the second largest urban park in Germany. 
Originally used as hunting reserve by the Electors, it was transformed into a park in 1830. From 1961 - 1989 its eastern borders were crossed by the Berlin Wall.
In the center of the park, the famous Victory Column (Siegessäule) dominates a busy traffic circle. This monument survived World War II without considerable damage and was saved from destruction through the French by a British-American veto after the war.
The vast parkland is a fine place to walk, relax, barbecue or just admire blossoming flowers.


Tree House Architecture

Have you ever dreamed about living in a tree house?
Now, this one, located on former no-man's-land right behind Berlin's second largest church (St. Thomas Church, Bethaniendamm 29 in the Kreuzberg district) fails to inspire confidence regarding its structure, as far as I am concerned. 
More adventurous spirits, however, may wish to contact the owner to arrange for a special holiday ;)


Ring my Bell

Piece of grafitti near Oranienplatz (Kreuzberg)