Meilenwerk Berlin: Showing off Vintage Cars at their best

Meet up with this sexy lady and her mean machine right in front of Meilenwerk before visiting their classic car show. Don't hesitate to bring your kids: Once inside the place, you will find an absolutely G-rated environment.

A must-go for every vintage car enthusiast, this dealership exhibits the most exquisite jewels of the past century. Additionally you can find a great variety of products associated with vintage cars as well as a restaurant with Sunday Jazz brunch and several club areas.

Meilenwerk Berlin


Impressions from the Carnival of Cultures 2010

Yesterday was the day: Berlin's international cultural scene took over Kreuzberg in a spectacular and flamboyant parade. 

Hundred groups from 70 different nations - a total of about 4.800 people - participated in the colorful procession. Starting at Hermannplatz, the border between the two boroughs Neukölln and Kreuzberg, the procession slowly moved to Südstern, astonishing hundreds of thousands of visitors lining the streets.

The street parade on Whitsunday was the highlight of that 15th edition of the 4-day street festival which ends today.