Islam in Berlin

Background: Maschari Center with Omar-Ibn-Al-Khattar Mosque opposite Görlitzer Bahnhof

According to Euro-Islam.info around 200 000 Muslims are living in Berlin. An estimated 40 000 of them are naturalized German citizens. Altogether Berlin's Islamic population totals approximately 9% of Berlin's entire population.

Since fall 2002 the "Islamische Föderation" - due to their winning a long-lasting lawsuit against school authorities - has been teaching religious lessons in 20 public schools. Thenceforth school offices have been receiving an increasing number of petitions to excuse girls from any sorts of sporting activities.

About 82 mosques and Islamic centers are situated in Berlin. They are visited for prayer and religious ceremonies, and some of them additionally offer cultural, social or educational activities.

The majority of Berlin Muslim residents (72%) believe Muslims living in Germany to be loyal to the country. 94% of Muslims in Berlin reject violence as "an acceptable moral response for a noble cause".

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