Museum "Collection Childhood and Youth"

Recently I visited what I would best describe as the "creepy doll museum". From the description on the Internet I took that in the Collection Childhood and Youth I would discover all kinds of cute old toys and interesting facts about childhood in the past century.

Already the building was a blast. First I thought it was an abandoned school and hesitated to enter:
 No kidding: This is the museum! The collection is hosted on the third floor. The rest of the building is empty.

I was visiting in the middle of afternoon, and when I left the first of the three exhibition rooms one of the two others had just been cleaned, so that the floor was still wet , and the third was in the process of being cleaned. As I was bold and entered the "wet floor room" number one, one of the custodians came after me and threw me out!

In my opinion the collection was not worth my time, but everyone has to judge for themselves. 
There was a grandpa with a three year old, and the kid seemed to enjoy the collection and was very curious about it.

Most interesting was the gigantic book displayed in the corridor where children from all over Berlin had drawn pictures of their city.


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