Bleibtreustraße Berlin

Yesterday I strolled down "Bleibtreustraße" between Kurfürstendamm and city train station "S Savignyplatz", one of my favorite streets in Berlin, because of the gorgeous house fronts and charming little stores, bars and restaurants.

It was a little cold, though, and annoying slips of paper spoiled almost each of the beautiful doors, announcing that some filming will take place there next week and blabla.

So my hands got quite stiff from all the paper slip removal and shutter release button pushing work. "Bleib treu" means "stay loyal" in English and "reste fidèle" in French. The name stems from the German - I believe not so famous - painter of battle scenes "Georg Bleibtreu" and a lot of the shops incorporated his name into their business names.

This must be Rapunzel's Tower
The street won notoriety when – 40 years ago – in a Chicago-style shoot-out by a German gangster group one Iranian pimp was killed and several wounded.  Subsequently the street was nicknamed "Bleistreustraße" which is kinda hard to translate (I need some help here). So, please learn German to figure out what it means.

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