The Gray and the Colors of East Berlin

Ordinarily, I'm not such a sun loving lady, I prefer cloudy and hazy, but currently, I must admit, Mr. Sun does a great job on the photos.

So, this afternoon I ventured to the East of Berlin and squeezed into the tram from Warschauer Straße to Frankfurter Tor (FYI: you can only find the tram in the eastern parts of the city as rails in the western parts were removed during Berlin's division in favor of other means of transport). 
Occupied house in the East

Crowds of people were eager to get to the same place as me, it seemed. I wondered if they might hand out free beer somewhere on the way, but a lot of people already brought their own, a common habit in this part of the city. People travel around in public transport sucking on bottle-necks ...

When I got out at Frankfurter Tor, a street clown pointed his finger and cheered at me: "Oh, oh, you are an Elf! From Lord of the Rings!"
That was amusing and made me smile for a while.
Backyard sheds with grafitti
When I got back from my photo spree, I had to run to catch the tram, and a young guy who had just left the tram went back there to stand in the door and hold it open for me with a big smile.
That was heart-warming and made me smile for a while as well.

I've done my share of writing for today and am only publishing a few photos. I got material for days to come now, articles will follow.
Debris house with grafitti, Rigaer Straße

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