Alt-Pichelsdorf – Boat Harbor and Lakeside Promenade

Boat harbor and lakeside promenade in Alt-Pichelsdorf

Halfway between Berlin Fair Grounds and Havelhöhe, the bus X49 stops in Alt-Pichelsdorf.
Having spotted lots of water from the upper deck, I got curious, leaped to my feet, jumped down the stairs and out the bus. 

After a little walk I reached the deserted boat harbor which must be brimming with life and quite idyllic during spring and summer time.

Pichelsdorf was first mentioned in 1375, in times of emporer Charles IV, the second king of Bohemia. In 1590 it still was a fairly insignificant fishermen's village, inhabited by only 14 families and their chairman.

In 1780 a "Büdnerhaus" (seems to be some kind of tavern with garden) was built. It still exists under the name of "Historischer Weinkeller" and apparently you can get home made Feuerzangenbowle (flaming fire tongs punch) there. I guess I'll have to check that out some time soon.

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