GDR Architecture – Frankfurter Tor Towers

Twin Towers at Frankfurter Tor

Two impressive, conspicuous copper-topped towers, reminiscent of the German and French dome cupolas at Gendarmenmarkt, mark the inception of Frankfurter Allee at Frankfurter Tor square.

They are today listed historic monuments of the Stalin era and heritage of GDR times.

The structures alongside the former "Stalinallee" (name given to the  avenue in  1949 for Stalin's 70th birthday) are designed in the  Soviet "wedding-cake" style and were built under the direction of architect Hermann Henselmann between 1951 and 1960 to create a comfortable living environment for East German workers.

As the buildings' huge proportions make it difficult to catch them on photos in their entirety, I recommend Google Street View to get an overall impression of the site.

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