Schuttberg –Trümmerhaufen – View over a City from a Debris Mountain

Sometimes things have to get destroyed to rise high.

After the extensive damage from strategic bombing during World War II. many debris mountains were raised in Germany.
One of them is the Humboldthöhe (85 m) opposite the Gesundbrunnen station. From here (standing on the ruins of a concrete flak tower [anti aircraft tower] with the German Unity Memorial on top) you have an excellent view above the area around Humboldthain and Gesundbrunnen. If the weather is good you can see the Radio Tower and another debris mountain, the Teufelsberg (Devil's Mountain).

Flak towers were built during World War II. to provide air raid shelter for the civil population. There was room for up to 50 000 people in the lower level of a flak tower while upper levels were used for military action.

Today the towers contribute to the protection of nature: They have become a suitable hibernaculum for bats!

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