Need a great Idea for Christmas Presents? Help those who really need it.

Now, this is certainly not about Berlin, but it might be very helpful. Today I learned about Oxfam International, "a confederation of 14 like-minded organizations working together and with partners and allies around the world to bring about lasting change" (Oxfam International). This organization wishes to end poverty and injustice, which of course is a noble goal ...

They have an online shop where you can buy chickens, goats, health check-ups, rainwater collection systems, classrooms, and, and, and! The store is called Oxfam unwrapped in English and Oxfam unverpackt in German. You send a gift to someone who really needs it and your loved one gets a card - and (at least in Germany) a fridge magnet.

See links below!

Oxfam English
Oxfam German

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