Figures in the Park – Outdoor Exhibition

One of the first things to attract your attention when you enter the DRK clinical center in Berlin's Westend (Spandauer Damm 130) will probably be the statue right opposite the main entrance.

If you care to take a closer look at the surroundings, you will certainly realize that many other sculptures, namely a total of 33 and predominantly representations of human beings, are distributed throughout the parkland.
Over a period of 5 decades these statues were formed by sculptors like Schriebers, Loth, Szymanski, Klinge, Wilde and Winzer, before they found their home in Berlin's Westend.
On a balmy spring evening (hopefully soon to come) take a walk to explore this extraordinary exhibition. A detailed map with pictures of all the statues can be found here.

The "Große Fevi" (Big Fevi) by Dietrich Klinge (1999) caught my eye when I walked down from the tropical institute to the exit. The sculpture looks like it was made of wood, while in fact it is a bronze casting.

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